Thursday, April 02, 2009

Lucky Pennies!

Have you seen any pennies lying around lately? Well, pick them up! Not only will you be a penny richer, but you may win some free stuff from CiCi's Pizza. In an interesting promotion that is a sure sign-o-the-recession-times, CiCi's will be scattering 1 million (imagine Austin Power's voice here) special pennies that can be redeemed for prizes at their restaurant. Here is how they describe it:

As part of its new Penny Picker Upper promotional campaign, CiCi’s Pizza is honoring savings-savvy Americans by dropping one million pennies in public places around their restaurants. But these are no ordinary pennies. The backs of each of these specially stickered pennies will list prizes like a free meal at a CiCi’s endless pizza buffet, a free drink, and a buy one pizza get one free deal that can be redeemed at local CiCi’s locations. It’s essentially rewarding you for being thrifty.

To make the deal even sweeter, CiCi's will be donating each of the returned pennies to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Club of America. You can check them out at their Facebook page for more info. Happy change hunting!

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SeeJaneGetRich said...

Awesome! I hope I run into one of these pennies.

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