Thursday, January 05, 2006

Going back to school

I finally registered for my one and only class for the Spring 2006 semester. I struggled with how many classes to take. I figured I should just stick with one class so that I don't feel overwhelmed and so I can figure out if I am going to like it at all. I was shocked at how expensive it was, $132 for one class at the community college. I didn't apply for financial aid because I figured that I would qualify and that it would only cost about $60. Comparatively, to what I paid at the UC system it doesn't seem like a lot but I can remember when the cost per unit at a community college was only $13 (and this was only about 4 years ago). Now the cost per unit is double that, $26. Yikes!

Hopefully, this new path will steer me towards greater financial independence at a quicker rate. Lords know I'm never going to get there with my current salary. I can't wait!

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Cap said...

yeah. $11 was sweet.

compare to UC system, which is what.. $6k per quarter?

but still, when you pay for community college out of pocket, it does add up.

pacing yourself is a good idea. last semester I took only like 9 units. going back to school is tough when your interest level in it is zero.

dont forget the cost of the textbooks!

I'd still recommend you to apply for financial aid, any free money if any at all, is still a good thing.

Jose Anes said...

Education is priceless.... And the cost doesn't sound that bad. That is about what I paid per course when I went to school 15 years ago.

Best wishes on the education!

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