Thursday, April 13, 2006

I got a new job!

What a relief! It's only been a week and already I've had two good job offers. It was not easy quitting my job without having another job lined up but I am glad I took the risk. I had known for a while that my job was not right for me but I just wasn't in the financial position to do anything about it. So finally, all the months of saving and paying off my credit card and transferring the remaining balance to a 0% card finally paid off! I had the freedom to quit when I knew it was time to move on and now I have a new job that I think will make me much happier and ultimately much wealthier.

The job that I am accepting was the result of a referral from a friend. The day that I quit she told me about the opportunity. It was great timing. I interviewed with two of the people from the office and got really excited about the job. It is in an awesome location a block away from the beach, a casual environment (the guy was wearing flip flops and jeans when I went to go see him), the people seem really nice and free of office politics and there will be lots of room to grow and learn and make lots of money.

The only problem is that I would be hired as an independent contractor without any benefits like health insurance. Initially I will be paid on salary and then slowly that would be phased out to a commission only basis. I know that this is risky but I feel that the time to take risks is now when I don't have any dependents or a mortgage or massive bills to worry about. I do have my credit card debt but I am confident that I will be able to pay it off before I have to start paying any interest on it.

I was offered another position that would be a more stable and secure corporate job. I weighed the benefits between the two jobs and came to the conclusion that I just wasn't made for working in a corporate office environment. The thought of working in an office environment makes me cringe while the thought of working a block from the beach makes me very happy.

If it doesn't work out at least I tried and I can start over again looking for a new job. I'm still young so there is not much to lose and if it works out then the credit card debt will be gone in no time.

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mapgirl said...

If it doesn't work out at least I tried and I can start over again looking for a new job. I'm still young so there is not much to lose.

Too true. I wish that I took more employment risks when I was younger, but I had too much school debt. If I had been more diligent about paying all my debts off like you are doing, I would have felt free enough to make the choice you are taking on the non-corporate job.

Good luck! I wish you a lot of success!

John OMM said...

Congrats on receiving the two offers. I'd probably play it safe and go for the corporate job, but you sound like you're making the right decision for you. I wish you great success.

Dave said...

Congrats! Best of luck!

Don't worry about health insurance. As a healthy female in your 20s (I assume), your primium should be very manageable.

As an independent contractor/sole proprietor who gets a 1099-MISC, you may need to file for quarterly estimated tax. Many first time 1099ers do not know this! Talk to a tax professional. Failure to file may result in IRS penalties.

Kim said...

Congratulations and good luck! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity! When I was sans children, I took an exciting job too and it was very worth it. I'm sure it will work out for you.

Jérôme said...

Mes félicitations!

Ton château n'est plus très loin!

Cap said...

congrats! phasing out of a salary to a commission-only basis will be tricky, but if the job will make you more happy than definitely go for it.

it's a personal choice, but yeah I would have done the same thing, especially when liabilities are so low.

Chitown said...

Best wishes. I am like John and would have gone for the safer job with health benefits but to each their own. Too many times, people undervalue their happiness. Cheers!!!

CollegeGrad said...

GREAT!!!! Do it girl!


Anonymous said...

Are they taking taxes for you or do you have to do it yourself with a 1099?

So exciting! A little scary I can imagine.

Looking forward to see how you like the job.

Amdollar said...

It seems that opportunity knocked at the right time! Kudos on your new job and benefits! :)

Tim MMF said...

Hey, hey! Congrats! It's always fun to start a new job. Best of luck.