Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free brain food

I randomly came across this site on Wikipedia, They offer free MP3 downloads of classic books ranging from Plato, to Ayn Rand to Sun Tzu. I was subscribing to Audible but canceled my subscription because I wasn't commuting to work anymore. I started missing the service because I do listen to the books from time to time when I work out or when I go to sleep at night, but now there are tons of books I can listen to for free! Hooray!

Also, if you were looking for free ebooks, there are lots of books available from the Project Gutenberg. I personally don't like to read books from a computer but it's fun to know it's there. I'll probably still just go to the library and get the books, for free!

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1 comment: said...

i LOVE wikipedia. it has helped me so much with info for school. thanks for the tip! :)