Friday, July 02, 2010

Fat Wallet Cash Back

I have seen lots of points programs in my time. Most of them seem like a waste of time because it would take so long to accumulate enough points to actually get something out of it. There are a few that I use regularly, only because it doesn't cost me anything. Mypoints for example sends me emails daily that allows me to earn points just by clicking through the email. I would say I get one $25 gift certificate to Target about every 6 months. Not bad for following a few links. I recently discovered Swagbucks and like that too because I don't have to shell out any money to earn points. I just do my regular web searches and badda bing badda boom, you earn points. Recently however, I've discovered FatWallet cash back and LOVE it.

Normally the problem with these points programs is that they don't offer points for retailers that I frequent often and you have to accumulate a lot of points before you get anything. FatWallet on the other hand gives cash back for practically everything on the net (except for Amazon sadly). They even give you 1% off for Ebay! Another great thing is that you can request to receive your cash back at anytime through Paypal so there is no waiting until you have accumulated 50,000 points to reap your rewards. Another bonus is that they link to any coupons or sales that are currently offered by that retailer. Right now there seems to be tons of sales and I just haven't been able to resist the great deals. "Really? I'll get the 70% off clearance sale plus 5% cashback?" It is truly a shopper's paradise. Plus you can find lots of great deals and freebies in the "Best Deals" section of the site. Here are some of their tops deals right now:

Free Philosophy Facial Cleansing Cloths
10% off Best Buy coupon
$5 1-Year Subscription to Popular Science Magazine
Vans Shoe Sale: Up to 79% off + 4.0% Cash Back
Free Sample of Nivea Happy Sensation Daily Lotion

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Kurazo @ earn cash back said...

I never thought of how many points program are on the internet. And here it is: Fat Wallet Cash Back!

It's amazing it gives cash back almost everything on the net! I should try one too!

Ena Wagar said...

Fat Wallet is one of the best sites that I love to visit! It simply help me saves money for my family. I also like

Junaid Khan said...

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