Thursday, June 30, 2005

My Annual Review

Finally it's time for my annual review. I've been slaving away for a whole year and the time has finally come. It feels like its been more like 5 years and that I have aged 10 years since then. I was thinking this morning about time and working. It seems as though I have been willing the time to pass by as quick as possible and I am constantly measuring my time in paychecks. It's not that I'm living paycheck to paycheck necessarily but I get such a great joy out of making another payment on my credit card because it means that much less time that I will be working solely to pay off my debt.

Part of the process of the annual review is to do a self evaluation. The questions are pretty generic but are amazingly difficult for me to answer. Its easy to list my accomplishments and talk about all the clever ways I have overcome obstacles and been of use to the company. It's the questions about the future that really stump me. How am I supposed to answer the question, "What are your professional plans for the future?" "What skills would you like to acquire?" "How do you see yourself growing in the company?"

My honest answers to those questions would probably get me fired. "Well, I am really only working here until I get out of debt. As soon as I get out of debt and save up some money, I'm outta here!"

My only other real goal for the future is to buy a chateau (yes, a chateau), have a little vegetable garden and knit or paint or write for the rest of my life. I don't think this would sound great as a career goal either.

As this is my first job, I'm not sure what to expect as a raise. I would be happy with 10% but I'm not sure if this is low or high? My sister seems to think that I should ask for another $15,000 and then at least they would give me $10K but somehow I think she is crazy. The better my raise, the sooner I can get out of debt.

These stupid future questions are delaying my much needed raise. I've had the paper for 3 days and I'm still not done with it. I keep thinking about skills, skills, skills....what skills do I want??? And then I think about Napoleon Dynamite and his bow hunting and numchuck skills and contemplate putting that on my review just for giggles.

Current Debt: $18,036.31
(stupid finance charges)

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Lloyd said...

I would simply say you wish to continue learning and developing as a person. Management always enjoys seeing that. Say, since I do not have a crystal ball, I have no way of knowing what the future is like. However, I would like to be in a position that allows for me to continue thinking creatively, and advancing my skill set to whatever the hot skills for the field are in the future.

Don't mention you plan on having kids and getting married. Employers just love someone who is a liability (prego chicks miss tons of work) because it always ends up costing them more money in your lost productivity then any kid could be worth.

As for growing in the company, say you want to occupy more senior level management positions.

Everyone has goals and ambitions. I've never have known anyone who has wanted a chateau. Most people I know want to have a house in the burbs with several lawnchairs.

Vegetables are actually bad for you. All the chemicals and shit they spray on them, even growing them yourself, won't work out, since the bugs will get them if you don't use chemicals.

While I support you following your dream, you have to be realisitic. Painting and knitting is not going to pay the bills, even if you have a lot of money saved up. Eventually you will end up selling yourself back to Capitalism and working an 8 to 5 job again for some evil corporation.

As for the raise don't count on it! Most employers want the cheapest labour possible. With offshoring, blah, blah, you have no chance. Also, they are always willing to hire a college student for cheap labour.

Just put some kind of crap down on the paper, or use my suggestions. My experience is they think these are wonderful exercises, however you will end up being the only person who sees it.

Your life isn't your job. Just let loose, and have some fun!

Lauren said...

I hear ya, over 50,000 in the hole for college... and still not finished digging.