Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Move on Up or Move on Out

Today was just one of those days. I had one of those moments when I was able to step back from my life and look at it objectively from someone else's point of view. When I thought about it, I really had to ask myself, "WTF are you doing?" You know its never a good feeling when you have one of those moments.

I have to admit that my job is not terrible and I am not paid terribly. I could continue working there forever living this mundane existence and getting by with modest salary raises. A job is a job; it pays my credit card bill and the rent. I could try to look for another job but I feel like that would be just trading in old problems for new problems. I've looked around at job postings online and I just feel like I'm not qualified for any of them. How could I have gone to college and graduated with a degree, had a high GPA and still not be qualified for any of these jobs that I know I could do in my sleep. Where are the jobs that require a degree in Anthropology!

Better question, why did I think that getting a degree in Anthropology would be a good idea? I thought I could be a professor, until of course that I realized that I am terrible at explaining things, hate talking in public and despise "academia". Anthropology would have been a great idea if someone would just pay me to read books, contemplate life and maybe one day, write a great book.

So after a day of nearly quitting my job, coming home and looking at jobs and becoming thoroughly discouraged at my prospects, I decided that it was due time for me to sign up for classes to gain some real skills (mad skills if you will). I've been thinking about it and procrastinating for a while. Today was the last straw and I am on my way. I am going to take an intro class in Accounting just to see if I like it. I have always thought that accounting would be really boring, but after starting this blog and pouring over my finances, I realized that it really might just be the thing for me. Plus, when I buy my chateau and have my B&B I will keep awesome track of the books. If I end up realizing that it truly is boring, what the heck. At least I can then scratch it off my list of possibilities.

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mbhunter said...

Upgrading your skills is always a good investment.

BTW I have a PhD and I've had enough of academia to last a lifetime!

flexo said...

My bachelor's degree was in music education... that was great when I wanted to teach high school music. Now, not so much. said...

nothing like dissatisfaction as a motivational tool. i really hope that you are able to find what you want. i am going back and not stopping til i get my masters, i have realized that you have to go all the way to get what you want... and just like you, i found out by creating a blog that i really love learning html and i am going back for computer technology :)

happy holidays to you!

Might Have Been said...

I am one who did go back to school for an accounting degree and it has opened so many new doors for me. I am not going to say that it is my dream job, but so far it has been great. good luck to you in your search.