Monday, December 05, 2005

No luck in Vegas

Well I made it back from Vegas in one piece. Too bad I can't say that same for my wallet. My dreams of winning the jackpot and paying off my credit card in one fell swoop were never realized. I actually came back -$100 from gambling. At one point I was up about $75; I should have called it quits while I was ahead, but you know it never works that way. It was just too easy to sit down at a machine and lose $20 in the blink of an eye. I would look at the other people gambling that had sat at the same machine for goodness knows how long and wonder how much money they were losing by the minute. So depressing to see all that money and have none of it be yours!

We did eat lots of good food, saw a cool show and had a great time. So all in all it was a good trip and I'm glad we went. Hopefully, I will have that bug out of my system and can go back to focusing on paying off my debt. I learned on Friday before I left for Vegas that they were going to increase my bonus so I don't feel so guilty for going anymore.

Christmas is coming up so I'm a little worried about that eating up money for my credit card. This year, my family decided to do a secret santa gift exchange in the place of buying a Christmas present for everyone. That is a great relief because not only is it stressful to try to find that perfect gift for everyone in the family but it is expensive too! I feel that gifts should come from the heart throughout the year when you can afford it, and not just from obligation because it is Christmas. I'm hoping I will be able to find that one special gift for someone that they will truly appreciate!

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im sorry about your losses but best of luck with the xmas buying :) i dont which is a faster way to go broke: xmas or vegas.