Sunday, February 12, 2006

Money in the Media

Aside from reading numerous personal finance blogs and websites on the internet, I am finding more and more outlets for finance related inspiration and knowledge. The wealth of information out there is truly amazing! Here are just a few alternative's to the internet:

The Suze Orman Show

Most of you have probably heard of Suze Orman before and maybe even watched her show. She cracks me up; she's like a cross between Judge Judy and Ricki Lake talking about finance. With show titles like "Confessions of a Video Vixen" you know that there is more than just straight up financial talk about IRA's, insurance and the like (and there is plenty of that too).

The Dave Ramsey Podcast

Dave Ramsey is quite possibly the King of Debt Reduction. The best thing about the podcast is his southern accent a la Dr. Phil. He's a no nonsense kind of guy. Debt is not an option. Whenever I feel like getting out of debt might not be as big of a priority as I have made it, I listen to his show. He will remind me of how important it is to make it my numero uno priority to get out of debt NOW!

Mad Money

Investment advice from a nut-case. I usually can only watch half of a show because I can feel my blood pressure go up from his yelling and screaming. But it's cool because since I know next to nothing about investing, I feel like I can glean a lot of information about what people look for when evaluating stocks. I definitely don't take his advice as gospel but its interesting to see what is being put out there as advice to investors. He also has a podcast available through iTunes.

Marketplace Radio Show

News about the economy and businesses as well as personal finance related advice. I usually listen to it on public radio but they also have a Podcast of the best of the week. You can stream the entire show from their website. Examples of current stories:

Getting a Raise: Advice from an expert at

Emergency Savings: Tips on how to save for a rainy day.

ETFs: Buzzword of the week.

No Credit Needed Podcast

One of the first PF bloggers that I know of to branch out to podcasting. Very well put together, reminiscent of Dave Ramsey. He talks about his own experiences of recently becoming debt free and advice and his weight loss goals. And theres just something endearing about the southern accent.

Those are just some of the alternatives I find to the standard website. What do you recommend?

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MoneyDummy said...

Curses! The Suze Orman show came up a dead link. I guess I'll have to haul my lazy fingers over to google. LOL.

lpkitten said...

oops, its fixed now! Thanks.

Bailey said...

I would also add Bruce Williams to your list.

As for Mad Money, I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have been investing in stocks for a few years now, and I just found this TV show on CNBC. I have to totally disagree with you on calling Cramer a "nut-case". He has 2 degrees from Harvard, and was the best analyst at Goldman Sacks for 10 years, then started I don't take all his advice, but this thoughts on stocks and how to play the market are brilliant.
I have takend some of his stock advice, and make some money! Now I can't stop watching his show, although I can see how it can be a bit to much for some.

Amdollar said...

I grew up on the Suze Orman/ Robert Kyosaki basics and have found Dave Ramsey these past few months and think hes FANTASTIC in rolling all principles together. I love Kramer because his show is soooooooooo OVERLY energetic and he makes the market... well FUN! Im currently listening to Dave's podcasts at for the free hour til we can afford the TMMO and get the 3hrs :)

breaking free of debt said...

Thanks for the links! Confessions of a Video Vixen actually was not Suze Orman's title - it's the title of a book of a guest she had on the show.

I am so so on Suze Orman. I like her ideas but she annoys me :-)

I'll have to check out the other ones! Thanks!

Kirby said...

Good post! Just a few comments - Bruce Williams is okay, but it's really dated in some of his ideas. Dave Ramsey is okay but i've found if you listen to him for a few weeks you've pretty much heard what he'll say on any topic and it's time to move on. Off of that list, Suze and Cramer are my faves.

ncnblog said...

WoW! To make such a list...
( it THAT obvious...
blushes...) said...

suze orman- she is a crack up but she knows her stuff. i caught her on tv once talking about respecting your money and i will never forget it, sticks with me.

Jay S. Fleischman said...

Why not also listen to the Debt Podcast, hosted by me, Jay Fleischman. I'm a consumer bankruptcy lawyer in New York City, but that doesn't make the show filled with legalese. We talk about debt, credit, dealing with bill collectors, and ways to take control of your wallet. We also answer listener questions on the show so listeners can get help with the issues they face.