Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What is in my wallet?

Some Cap at Stop Buying Crap has challenged people to show the contents of their wallets. For some strange reason, I feel compelled to share as well. There is something strangely voyeuristic about sharing intimate banal details.

Not only that, but I rarely take the time to actually look in my wallet to see what is in there. This is what I found in the black abyss of my wallet:

Drivers License
Photos of friends over drivers license to hide my crappy mugshot. People gasp and laugh hysterically when they see my drivers license photo. It's a real tragedy.
Debit Card
Credit Card
Regal Cinema Crown Club Card
Old old old Mervyn's gift card (only has $2 but I never go to Mervyn's so it will probably stay in my wallet forever)
Costco club card
Starbucks gift card
Spa gift card
Coupon for the Limited
Medical insurance cards
Library cards (3 different cities, why?)
Ikea gift card
Petco PALS card
Dave & Buster's Power Card
Business cards
Frequent Boba drinker card (taro milk tea is my favorite)
Blockbuster card (even though I haven't been to Blockbuster for 3 years)
Southwest Rapid Rewards card (haven't flown anywhere for a long time nor do I plan on flying any time soon)
Office Depot gift card
Petsmart Pet Perks card

No no wait, theres more!

$82 cash (I have a lot of cash from a bonus I got from work, long story)
Receipts galore
Old movie tickets
Coupons (car washes, kitty litter, cat food & oil change)
Emergency contact information (i.e. relatives phone numbers from other states/countries that could help in case local phone lines are down)

So I guess the real question is what don't I have in my wallet????

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Cap said...

oh wow.

okay is this a purse or wallet.

because if its a purse its not fair. I always want more storage space.. but when I have a purse ppl look at me funny.

lpkitten said...

nope, thats my wallet! you don't even want to know what is in my purse!

Ivan said...

It is about time I cleaned out my wallet. I do it every once in awhile because it just gets too fat from all of the reciepts and cards I collect. I love a nice slim wallet that fits nicely into my back pocket.
The Cheap Bastard

Daland said...

Good grief, that’s actually kind of impressive. I think you get the quantity award! ;o)

stevie.be. said...

wow u have a ton of stuff in there. how do u lift it??

this is funny because i got a new wallet for my birthday last month and it forced me to simplify and can i tell you...

i love it :)

good luck with your wallet cleaning!