Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogs from the Financial Front

Hooray! They finally have the link up to the article at Money Magazine featuring the "Five online money diarists too smart--or weird--to miss". Am I the smart one? Or the weird one? Hmmm. ;) Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised to be mentioned along with:

Sound Money Tips
All Things Financial
Another F@cked Borrower
Change is Good

And thanks to Bailey from Thoughts from the Change Race for providing a scan:

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bored said...

Congrats! :D

mapgirl said...

Congratulations! You really have done an amazing job of reducing your debt!

Anonymous said...

So cool!

How did they find you?

Brian said...

Congrats... I suspect I'm the weird one, but there could be multiple weirdos...

lpkitten said...

leighann - i don't know..but i'm glad they did!