Sunday, March 19, 2006

What $300,000 + Buys You in…Orange County, CA

JLP over at All Things Financial started a post on what $300,000 will buy you in the real estate market in his neck of the woods and has encouraged other PF bloggers to do the same. O.k. I'm game...but can you really buy anything in Orange County (Irvine) for $300,000?

The answer is yes, but you're not going to get much! The closest thing I could find to $300,000 was this "spacious" 1 bedroom, 1 bath upper-unit condo of 643 s.f. for $299,900.

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Now maybe you can understand why I feel like I will never own a home unless I move out of the state.

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Anonymous said...

Shoot. I couldn't even buy a bathroom where I live. I live near San Francisco.

Patrick said...

There is always a way to get a home, it is a big goal but you are working off your debt aren't you? Just think of it the same way, pluse there are government grants and if you want, you can post things for roomates and have them move into your house.

Anonymous said...

you should consider getting pre-qualified or talking to a mortgage broker so you know where you stand and what your options are; like patrick said there are a lot of opportunities (gov't grants, first time home buyer discounts etc..) that way you can start saving for your long term goal. My husband and I are considering a new construction, if we choose to go with their mortgage broker they will pay all of our closing costs, which is a pretty good deal. Great job bringing your debt down! I'm still working on mine! : )

Cap said...

I don't know how you found that, I extended the search radius around OC to like 60 miles and I couldn't find anything for 300K


btw, go grab the April issue of Money Magazine, a certain someone was mentioned :)