Saturday, March 29, 2008

This and That...Some Random Findings from the Net

Good news in the 100 Day Buy Nothing (New) Challenge. My search for a blender has almost ended. I posted a wanted ad on Freecycle for a blender on Wednesday and someone replied. I'm going to go pick it up today, so my recycled paper adventures can begin!

Here's a sampling of my random favorites from the Net this week:

Asset Gatherer talks about their experience with Prosper. I was thinking of funding a few loans, but after reading this post, I think I may reconsider.

Free chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot. Mmmmm. Nom nom nom.

Tricia over at Blogging Away Debt has reached another milestone. She's under $13,000 of debt! Congrats!

Some interesting tips from the Nursing Online Database on health habits that can save you money.

Don't forget to turn off your lights at 8 p.m. (your local time) tonight to support Earth Hour US.

U.S. Oil consumption in January was at it's lowest point in 3 years. High gas prices are finally pushing us towards conservation.

I love free audio content and Frugal for Life posts a great list of audio resources.

Free 2 Be Frugal posts an offer for 20 free prints from Target. Too bad I already have an account.

Mapgirl struggles with eating single. Ok, so she doesn't put it that way, but I totally sympathize with not being able to finish all the food you buy if you are just one person. So what does she do? She gets creative and makes soup!

How much do I love these re-purposing ideas for CD cases over at Green Upgrader? I especially love the bagel sandwich holder. Hahaha.

I love surfing blogs again! I hope everyone has a super great weekend. I'm off to pick up my blender!

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Pete M said...

Great idea for a blog. There's definitely something to developing the mindset of not having to be a consumer all the time. This doesn't mean you can't have a great life and lots of cool stuff, it mainly means that you can learn to cut out buying junk and stuff you don't need.

Asset gatherer said...

Thanks for the link love! You inspired me to write a new post-- I'm so much better at reading blogs than writing them!

Adi said...

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