Thursday, August 04, 2005

I suck so bad

Ugh, I've been so bad about updating this blog this week. Everytime I try to start I get perturbed and disgruntled and have to take a break. I always think if I walk away from it later it will come to me easier but it never does.


I need to move out of my familial home. It is just too much for me. I have been living at home for over a year now and I feel as if I will go bonkers if I don't get out of here. The lack of space, privacy, the long commute are all enough to drive a person mad. But lets face it, rent is not cheap. Then you have to think about all the bills....the electricity, the water, the phone, you know.

I figure if I move out I will only be able to pay half of what I am paying towards my credit card debt every month. At my current rate I should be out of debt in about 16 months. If I move out I won't be out of debt for another 32 months which is almost 3 years. I would have to change the name of my blog and I would feel like a total loser.

So what's worse? Living at home or living at debt?

I did make a concession. Earlier I wrote about my Thai vacation that I was planning on for November. I have been looking forward to this trip for a long time but I really can't justify spending $2k on a vacation when I live the rest of my life stressed out about my debt. I am going to wait until I'm out of debt and can truly enjoy the vacation to go.

Sorry if this post is a little sporadic. I just had to purge it out of me! ;)

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Kevin said...

I saw your blog on my SiteMeter results and decided to check it out. I realize your visit (I assume it was your visit... maybe it was someone who'd just been to your blog) was likely a random hit, but your blog's subject matter has caught my attention: debt management!

I'm currently snowed under with education debt totalling about $80,000 (residual undergrad plus grad school-- long story). Would love to pay this off faster than my current, er, 25-year plan, so if you have any advice for someone in my predicament, I'd love to have it. (I recently consolidated some loans.)

Meantime, good luck with your own project. A $16,000 debt doesn't sound so bad to me! I hope you're rid of it soon.


Kurt said...

You don't give specifics on the horrors of living at home, so it's hard to say. But living at home would allow you to pay things off much faster, then take that vacation you want.

Chris said...

Live at home... you have a nice long time to live away after your debt is cleared.

Karen said...

I have to agree with the others - live at home. Despite the awkwardness, it is safe and will help you work towards your goal faster. What happens if you move out, have an emergency, and the debt gets pushed off even longer? Take advantage of this situation while you can.

Leanne said...

I too have to agree with the others, wait to move out when you areut of debt. Maybe you can use this asmotivation for being out of debt even sooner. It only gets more expensive when you move out and your debt balance could go up not down. Good luck to you, you are doing it, way to go!

Iris said...

Hello, was blog hopping and reached ur site.It would be soo cool if ur outof debt in 16 living at home so bad? Take Care...((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I think you should suck it up and live at home. It's only for a little more than a year. Living on your own involves tons of more expenses - it is likely your debt will go down way more slowly than 3 years if you move out.
It is smart of you to delay your trip until your debt is gone and you can enjoy it more.
Or, if home is completely unbearable, is there someone else you could live with for free - like a grandparent or another relative?

Cap said...

too late to yap too, but suck it up :(

a little wait wont hurt.

proud that you even consider it. most people will just go "ah who cares, lets jet!"

and off to vacation they go... and off to an apartment thye cant afford (or can barely afford) they go. said...

glad you got it out of your system, kudos for saving your vacaction for later and by not going, making your life that much closer to being a little easier for you. i am feelin you.