Thursday, August 11, 2005

What the F*^%&*?

I am so lividly mad right now. I was checking my online credit card statement as usual tonight and noticed something that sent me into a fury. The balance was as it should be, $15,788.50, but when I looked down at the pending charges I saw a charge for $52.36! I don't know what this is all about as I have not used this card for purchases in over a year. I don't even keep the card on me. It is tucked away in a drawer somewhere so that I never ever use it. Not even for internet purchases. So where the heck did this charge for $52.36 come from?

I called my credit card company and asked them why there were these pending charges on my account. He said that it was a charge from Cingular and that it posted to my account with a valid authorization number. WHAT?!! Cingular?? I'm not even a Cingular customer! Well, I used to be but then they got on my nerves so bad that I switched to TMobile. So what the heck are they doing charging my credit card when I haven't been their customer for 9 months now??

The guy said that he basically couldn't do anything at this point because it hasn't yet posted to my account and I should call back in 48 hours and I could either file a fraud claim or enter a dispute. I'm sure that will be 48 hours of pure hell for me. I've asked them to put a hold on my account just in case any new freakish charges try to show up on my account. Knowing me, I won't be able to sleep because I'll be thinking all night how someone is trying to sabotage me and steal my identity! ARrghghghgh.

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Bailey said...

Sorry about that. Never fun to have charges on your card that you don't know about.

I've never had to file a fraud charge on my CC, so I'd be interested to know how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

This happened to my dad just lst week and he has never had a cell phone in his life. His cc company quickly removed the charge.

Kurt said...

If you aren't even a Cingular customer, you should be able to get the charge removed easily.

Pappy said...

I admit it, I work at Cingular, and just wanted to make your life more difficult ;)

BeckEye said...

I had a weird thing happen with T-Mobile. I was on Easy Pay, but I guess it doesn't automatically renew when your next year starts. So, I had like 2 months worth of charges that were listed as "past due". So I went to the website and re-signed up for the Easy Pay and they started taking the money out of my account automatically again. But they still had those old charges on there. I talked to about 3 different people telling them what happened and they said they couldn't take it out with Easy Pay since it was already past due, so I had to send them a check. I was like "you have all my info! You're taking stuff out of my account now, why can't you just take out this amount too!" I don't understand why some companies have to make things so difficult.

I also had a department store try to tell me that I owed them $25 from an account I closed 3 years prior. They had it as a negative item on my credit report. But they couldn't tell me what it was for. I tried to use logic on them by asking why I would pay it off EXCEPT for $25. They still didn't understand. I actually had to fill out a form so that that Trans Union could investigate it. They took it off my credit report and said the account was closed. Duh!

lottacatts said...

Calm down, they have to remove it. It's not worth losing sleep over. Love, Grandma

Jose Anes said...

Take it easy... couple of years ago they stole my credit card numbers (two of them). Didn't had to pay a cent for anything.

It is good to watch the credit card bills online very often. It helps avoid headaches. (the less charges they do, the easier it is to clean).

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