Saturday, August 13, 2005

Update: My Identity was NOT Stolen

Everyone can rest assured that my identity has not be stolen (me most of all)! Disaster has been averted and the charges should be taken off my card soon.

This is what happened.

After writing the blog post I told my boyfriend all about my little fiasco (yes, you guys get the news before the bf) and he was like "thats weird, I just paid my Cingular bill". He looked up the exact amount of the bill he just paid and it matched exactly to the new charges on my credit card. He said he paid his bill online and that normally when he goes to pay his credit card info is already in there and he just has to verify the amount and click o.k. So he goes back to the page where he paid his bill and MY credit card number was there. We haven't really been able to explian why my credit card number was showing up on his account. I have tried to run through all the possibilities and ruled them all out:

1) I have never used my credit card to pay for anything on his computer (I haven't even used the credit card for over a year)
2) We have never shared a cell phone account
3) I don't even have an account with Cingular
4) Our cell phone numbers are no where near being similar

The only thing I can think of is that we share the same address and they somehow mixed them up. Either that or my boyfriend thought he could pull a fast one on me. :P

At any rate, he called Cingular had them reverse the charges and all should be well. They couldn't offer an explanation either (no surprise) but it worries me that my credit card information could so easily be accessed by another account. Why do they even still have my credit card on file? Perhaps I'll have to have my credit card number changed!

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Anonymous said...

I know what happen.
You boyfriend was broke when it was time to pay the bill.
So he used your credit card and when you caught him, he had just got paid so he was able to use his debit card.
How could a credit card in your sock draw for a year be used to pay someone else cell phone.
Wake up, GIRL FRIEND!!
GIRL FRIEND, you need to move out.

(not really)

lpkitten said...

thank you for your concern, but i don't think that is the case. said...

wow that is crazy. glad you were able to reverse it!

Ilaiy said...

Some of these people never want to tell who they are when they post there commets .. They always think they are smart by posting it in anonymous .. Sometimes they realize it would not be difficult to trace them back



blogformoney said...

LOL, that's a pretty good Suze Orman impression. I would cancel that card anyways and get a new number... it won't hurt your credit and that will keep any more funny business from happenin'