Saturday, September 17, 2005

Finally...Back to Normalcy

Well I guess they did end up turning off my internet for a week...they were just a week late. I was totally unprepared for it and was not as productive as I thought I would be. We finally got it up and working again. I am still trying to overcome the trauma but hope to have lots to post in the days to come.

We found the apartment that we are going to move in to and have already given our holding deposit for the apartment. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Excited because I will finally be a real "grown-up" with my own space and I will be living really close to work which will be maximum 10 minutes commute everyday. Nervous because rent is pretty steep and we have no furniture and will have to buy tons of crap for the apartment. Also, if anything happens, like one of us loses our jobs, we will be a much tougher situation with having rent to pay.

I have been scouring Craigslist for any free stuff that we could furnish our apartment with. I was sooo close to getting a free washer and dryer but was too slow (the lady had barely posted it 40 minutes before and someone had already called). We won't be moving in for a little over a month so we have some time to find some good deals, free stuff from the site. Wish me luck!

I finally got the second half of my referral bonus in my paycheck yesterday! After taxes I was only left with about $500 out of the $1000 but that will definitely help with the debt reduction/move out effort. I'm torn between saving the money for moving expenses vs. using it to pay down the debt, so for a while I will have to pay down a little bit more conservatively. I did make a payment to bring the debt to under $13,000 so that is exciting. By the way, if anyone knows a qualified candidate for a sales manager in the real estate industry (L.A. area) send them my way! My company is offering an $8,000 referral bonus for referring someone they hire into the position. $8,000 would pulverize my debt level!

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I wish you all the best.

You are both all right.

ncnblog said...

Great post, hope all goes well with the big move and getting more free stuff.
oh yeah, I made this post one of my Posts of the Day.

Karen said...

make sure you check out too. You can actually request things you need and want, so give it a try, people sometimes read those posts and think, "hmm I have one of those laying around, I could give it to her and declutter!" Good luck on moving out :O) It is an adjustment but much better in the long run. I'd save up at least $1k and then start going after your debt. BTW - congrats on how well you've done with your debt. In only a few short months you have made a HUGE dent.

Bailey said...

Saw about this on 20/20.

Could be a way to save money of furniture!

Anonymous said...

i would do what ever I could to get that 8000 bonus.
Those other people on your job is just going to waste it on dumb stuff.
good luck and make sure you get that bonus.

Bailey said...

Congrats on your second change find.
With a few more, you might be in the race!