Sunday, September 11, 2005

Free gas!

Yesterday, I filled my gas tank up for free! Well, o.k. it wasn't technically free but it still felt like free. How you may ask? I received $30 worth of gift cards to Mobil from My Points.

My Points is one of those pay-to-click sites that will give you "points" everytime you buy something from their site or read one of their emails. I have never technically bought anything through their site and earn all the points just from visiting sites from their emails. I get about 3-4 Bonus Points emails everyday and each one of them is worth 5 points. I think it took me about a year to get enough points to redeem the gift cards for $30 worth of gas.

Now, there are 2 ways you can look at this. You can think, "One year of clicking on emails and all you got was a $30 gift card for gas? That's not a great return for your time."

Or you can think (as I do), "Wow, $30 for gas just for turning your otherwise unproductive time into productive time. Great!"

They have lots of other gift cards for retailers like the Gap, Barnes & Noble, Circuit City, Home Depot, etc etc. but I figured if I was going to have this little My Points thing help me reduce my debt, I better redeem the points for something that I would have otherwise normally spent my money on, or an actual expense. So, that $30 will translate into an additional $30 I can put towards my debt. Yay!

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Jérôme said...

Les petits riens font des grands touts

Bailey said...

I think it's a good use of time.
Then again, I also go around looking for pennies on the ground.

My question is, I notice that you have the Google Ads on your Blogger site. Do you get any return on those?

lpkitten said...

yup, i do have the ad sense. i find that most people don't really click on the ads so it will probably take me years to reach the minimum payout of $100. but hey, if it takes years, it takes years and hopefully one day i will get a nice surprise in the mail.

KJ said...

Thanks for mentioning MYPOINTS. I signed up for that a looong time ago and completely forgot about it. I just checked my account and I have 950 points! Woohoo! Another site you may want to investigate is Ebates. So far I've earned about $14 cash back from them and it doesn't cost anything.

christina said...

Yeah, MYPOINTS is GREAT! I've been a member since they began and have gotten over $3,000 in gift cards over the past 4 years. I look at it as time well spent. I also use alot of thier shopping links to earn points.
You should have used your REFERRER LINK in your post so you would get credit if anyone signed up from your stie. More points for you =0)

Money Star said...

I've just started reading pf blogs...and yours is an isnpiration and really fun to read! Glad I've somehow found yours.
And I'll def. look into mypoints soon. Btw, we have the same taste in templates :) said...

free gay these days is like winning the lottery! congrats!