Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why I should clean out my desk more often

Today I have been in clean up mode in preparation for the move. I've been trying to go through and get rid of stuff that I don't use or don't need any more so that it won't be such a chore when we have to pack up all of our stuff in boxes. Today, I turned my forces to the desk drawer, a virtual black hole apparently. I rarely use this desk drawer and things that get thrown in here are mostly forgotten...until I decide to do a major clean. I was shocked to find:

1) An expired $5 Borders gift certificate
2) An expired $2 Best Buy rebate
3) A valid $10 Barnes & Noble gift certificate
4) A valid Mervyn's gift certificate with a $2.87 balance
5) A Nordstrom's gift certificate with $0 (you must imagine how excited I was at the prospect that it still contained a balance)
6) An old photo that I thought I had lost and was glad I didn't

Wow! I guess that teaches me a lesson. I have a really bad habit of letting papers accumulate and pile up and telling myself that I will get to it later. Obviously I don't otherwise I would have not let that $7 go to waste. But I'm stoked about finding the gift certificates that are still valid! Ya!

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Bailey said...

Always fun to find stuff that you thought you lost. Much like money you find in your pockets while doing the wash.

Although you did have an AMAZING amount of gift certs!

annab said...

take the border's cert to the store -- they may still let you redeem it. It's worth a try anyway.

Jose Anes said...

On the bright side... Those small gift certificates would have dragged you to the stores.
Once on the stores, you may have spent more than the face value of the gift certificate :)

Money And Investing said...

u go girl :)