Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm baaack! Did you miss me?

Well, the lady at the phone company lied to me. My phone line was cancelled on Tuesday but miraculously the internet never died. I was happy and sad about it at the same time. Happy because I could still check my email, my online bank statements and google search anytime I wanted. Sad because I didn't have the self-control to live without those things for a while. I did make an effort to spend way less time at the computer and was able to cut most of my consumption.

To fill the void of non-internet time I went to the library and picked up lots of financial-type books. Sometimes, when I go to the library I wonder what the person checking out my books must think as I am getting all these money books. But as Jerome would say BAH, who cares what they think. ;)

So here is what I have been reading lately:

Financial Peace Revisited by Dave Ramsey

Die Broke by Stephen M. Pollan

Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump

How to Get Rich by Donald Trump

I've been reading bits and pieces of all of them here and there. I find with books like these it's not necessary to sit down and read them front to cover. I definitely don't read every word of them because most of these books (except the Trump books) do a good job of getting their point across in the introduction and just use the rest of the book to ramble on and give support for their arguments (I guess thats what most books do, right?).

Anyways, all of these books have been entertaining and motivating. One thing that surprised me was that even the richest of the rich are "penny pinchers" too!

"Call if penny-pinching if you want to; I call it financial smarts."
~Donald Trump
Once I have had more time to read each one of them thoroughly, I hope to be able to have more to share!

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. said...

Wife has an aunt who used to re-use teabags and ration how many squares of toilet paper you could use, they have a huge 9,000 sq ft house and plenty of cash so yes rich people like to be penny pinchers too to keep their dough.


Bailey said...

First off Welcome Back!!

Secondly, you are totally right about how the wealthy can also be very frugal. Many times, that is why they are where they are. They make smart money decisions.
Cut Coupons, etc.

Jérôme said...

About the person at the library:
bah, who cares what they think!
(that was easy for me to comment here)

About the person at the telephone company:
If the lady from the telephone company "lied", it's more because she didn't even know that it would be that way
For example, when my father ask someone from his bank a question about his loan, nobody can answer him. Same thing for in a furniture store about the price of the deliveries. When he insists that their answers are not what he asked about and or when he asks them to simplify, they never do it (because they can't> they don't know themselves the answer)
They use horse hockey everywhere just to make you buy their stuff or services everywhere AND hide their ignorance said...

i know what you mean. lot of filler. the term 'die broke' sounds interesting. maybe spacing your money out so that it is spent while you are alive and not left behind for the death tax?

KJ said...

Another book you may want to check out is "Debt Free by 30." It has the same type of info as the others you have listed, but I found it a bit more entertaining. Great blog, by the way, and you're doing awesome with your debt reduction. Keep it up!