Thursday, May 19, 2005

Free Food Won't Make You Fat...will it?

Let me make one thing clear...I LOVE FREE FOOD. Free food somehow tastes 10 times better than the food that you have to lay down cash for. Why is this? Because I hate eating my money when that money could be going towards my debt. If I wasn't physically obligated to eat food I would totally give it up so I could save the extra dough and put it all towards my credit card.

Part of the great thing about working in an office (and there aren't many of them) is that there always seems to be food around. I have been in free food heaven this week because we are having a manager's meeting in our office. Whenever the big dawgs come to town we have catering every day, breakfast and lunch and us little dawgs get to go in and clean up the scraps. Sometimes I feel we have no shame because we eye their food with huge greedy eyes and pounce on the food as soon as they leave....but com'on....IT'S FREE!

The thing I'm wondering though is, if it's free, does that mean you can still gain weight from it? Because sometimes even if I have already eaten breakfast...I will eat breakfast again just because it's there. Or is the rule that because you're at work it doesn't technically count? Because my boss has this candy jar and it's just too easy to eat 5 fun size snickers as the day goes by.

Well, I guess you are waiting for your tip of the day and it shouldn't be a surprise what it is. Eat lots and lots of free food. Go to Costco and eat samples...go out on dates just for the free food, make friends with people who like to cook...and go here to get some free Quizno's stuff:

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Anonymous said...

why thank you very much. :)
random surfing on blog explosion + free food = a happy kate.

Mandy said...

I also LOVE free food! We're always getting random food delivered by clients and it just makes my day to know I don't have to buy lunch that day!