Monday, May 30, 2005

Someone wants to see me fail!

I swear there is a conspiracy against me. And my laptop is involved. I always knew there was somethig fishy about my HP...

You see, all of a sudden the AC adapter for my laptop is not working. The darn thing won't stay plugged in and the battery won't hold a charge. "No huge problem," I thought, "I'll just buy a new AC adapter". Pffffff! You know how much those buggers cost? The power cord alone costs $70 plus the S&H because you can't buy them at the store. Plus if I needed a new battery because the old one won't hold a charge it's another $100. Thats $170+ for a laptop that I probably couldn't sell on ebay for that much.

I tried to make the thing work. I really did. I spent hours trying to hold the thing in while I backed up my hard drive. I was like a mad woman trying to hold it in the same exact position, not breathing for fear of moving just one slight millimeter. I gave my boyfriend wild eyes if he so much as dared to come near me. I really didn't want to buy a new AC adapter but I have no choice.

Why does it cost so much for an AC adapter? I hate when companies try to gouge the consumer. I know that the AC adapter does not cost them 1/10 the cost of a new laptop. It probably cost them $2 to make the thing. They just try to force you to want to buy a new laptop even though the old one is working just fine except for one minor problem.

Man, that really gets on my nerves. I'm not going to let them keep me down. Just for that I'm going to pay another $500 towards my balance bringing me to a new total of......

(after new finance charges are added)

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Shannon said...

Try eBay for that sort of thing, you would be AMAZED at how cheaply you can get things. Just be careful as it can be rather addicting.

Good luck!