Saturday, May 28, 2005

O.k. so I could sell my eggs.....

I guess I failed to mention that in my last post. I just didn't really consider it an option. The $5,000 bucks would be nice but would it be worth it??

It's funny how Google's Ad Sense works. Since that post I've been getting ads for sperm banks and egg donor sites. HA! I thought it would be intersting to see what exactly those websites were like...and was partly interested in how much they were offering for people to donate their eggs. I clicked on the ad for an egg donor bank and was amazed at how many young women are actually donating their eggs. There were a ton of women with their pics, personal info, medical history and EVERYTHING on this site. Geez, who are these people? I really don't want to disrespect but com''s not worth it ladies!

I had a friend in college who decided to sell her eggs. She went to one of those donor agencies and was hooked up with a couple who was unable to conceive. She didn't like to talk about it a lot so I didn't really ask her a lot of questions. She wouldn't tell me exactly how much she was getting for it but she told me it was more than $10,000. She did tell me about all the psychological testing they made her do and all the hormone treatment she would have to go through and the actual procedure. It was going to take months out of her life. It sounded terrible and the fact that she couldn't talk about it made me realize how hard it was for her. After we graduated we lost touch...I hope she is doing o.k.

Being an egg donor is a scary thing. The hormone therapy in itself has been shown to cause cancer. But then you also have to consider what happens when the kid gets older and finds out that his/her biological mother was an egg donor. Wouldn't they want to meet you? That's a lot of responsibility for not a lot of money. As much as I hate my debt, I would prefer debt over that.

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Jérôme said...

well you know what i think about giving any parts of myself, blood, organs, sperm (sorry i don't have any eggs :P). Giving a part of yourself need serious consideration and reflection. Eggs and Spermatozoïds are special because they embody a part of yourself that can eventually grow up and go back to you as a kid many years later.
They are boomerangs that can return to their owner. Whereas blood, cells,hair,flesh, whatever else,are more like balls that you can throw away but they'll never come back toyou.
Even though i'd never give any part of myself,(except in case of extreme emergency of course), i am disturbed with the fact of getting paid for donating sperm and eggs. Do a possible child worth only between 50 to 5000bucks
Isn't life priceless? I would rather give my spermies to some people unable to give life for free instead of getting paid for that.
Making bucks out of human life is a shame, no wonder why your friend does not feel comfortable about having done that
It's well known that banks are just a band of robbers, and sperm & eggs banks are the worst of all
Sorry for the long post

Uncle Jack said...

Great blog. I'm cheering for you to be out of debt, and soon.

Uncle Jack

J. said...

I have always wanted to sell my eggs. Heck I'm not using them!

Morris said...
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Sera Strawbridge said...

I'd be too afraid. But then again, I'm a non-breeder, and even helping out another family would be against everything I stand for. But I agree with jerome de nazareth .. it should take much thought.

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!

Andy Brandt said...

As much as I hate my debt, I would prefer debt over that.

Most wise, my young apprentice. :)