Thursday, July 14, 2005

I got a raise

I don't know if I should be bitter or if I should be happy. I had my annual review today and was kind of nervous about the whole thing because I didn't know what to expect. This is my first job since I graduated from college so I feel totally naive and vulnerable when it comes to salary and raises. It's hard to get any straight advice about salary or raises because money is such a taboo topic with people and they get all weird and freakish if you ever bring it up.

My supervisors had nothing bad to say about me. They went on about what a great job I was doing, how I make a great addition to the team, and that I take a lot of initiative to improve upon myself and make improvements for the company. I was stoked and though there were a few akward questions that took me a while to answer I made it through o.k. (i.e. what about your job can you see yourself doing in the long term? ummmm, nothing? )

After all that I was offered a little more than 4% raise. They said that that was pretty much the cap they were allowed to give for people on raises but they also offered a small bonus. As far as I can tell, a 4% raise isn't anything to write home about and I kind of have mixed feelings about it. I accepted it without argument but now I kind of regret that I didn't push for a larger raise. Arghghhghg. Maybe I'm destined to be in debt forever?

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Fellow Blogger said...

Actually, a 4% raise is pretty good. A lot of people I know have a 3% standard. But that is in WI, I don't know about CA. Congrats on the raise and you can use that to shrink those numbers now!

Leanne said...

I think a 4% raise is pretty good, I had a job that we got an annual $.25/hour raise which was about 2%! Ugh! Just think if you get a 4% raise each year it will grow quite a bit. A good way to help pay off your debt is to live like you are still on your old salary and use your raise towards your debt. I have paid off over $16,000 since January of 2004 with a lot of sacrifice and living on a salary that is several years old. Good luck to you.

Karen said...

Yes, 4% is slightly above average. If they had only good things to say about you, I would continue working hard, and maybe in 6 months go back to your supervisor and let him/her know you'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss your role in the company and what you contribute. If you list the great ways you helped the company, I would think they would give you a little bit more, and even if they say it's out of their control, most bosses will keep your request and the meeting on file ~ so it can be looked at during your next review. Good luck! said...

congrats on your raise. ia m just going to stay positive and congratulate you. i know four percent isnt a huge chunk of change but you are obviously an asset to your company. kudos!

Tammy G said...

I just stumbled across your blog via ivillage message boards. Thanks for sharing your struggle. You are not alone. I would be happy to share OUR story if you want let me know. I am inspired by you and I can see you debt free real soon.
Thanks again for sharing.

lpkitten said...

hey tammy -

i would be more than happy if you shared. :)