Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sprint PCS Employee Discounts

Sprint PCS offers customer discounts to employees of certain companies (see list below). In addition, any of you that work in any healthcare setting (doctors, nurses, janitors, receptionists, you name it, etc.) may be eligible for savings of 10%-25% off of your monthly bill.

Call 1-888-252-2930 or *2 from your PCS phone and ask to get a business or healthcare employee discount. They will switch you to the business section and get your employer's information. Depending on where you work, you can get anywhere from 10 to 25% off of your bill. Some have dropped their bill to $15/month.

I've also heard that ING Direct customers receive a 15% Sprint discount. I do not currently have Sprint and can't switch over right now but if you do its worth looking into. Check it out at or call 888-788-4727 if you are an existing customer to see if you qualify. And if you're already a Sprint customer, just dial #ING on your Sprint phone to reach an ING Direct Associate from the hours of 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Hope this helps out.

Heres the list of employers who are eligible for the discount:

Aetna 12%
American Airlines 25%
Army/USAA/Military/Air Force/... 12% (Or 5%?)
Arthur Andersen 20%
Bank of America 23%
Best Buy 13%
Boeing 25%
Capital One 12%
Cerner Corporation 15%
Chase 25%
Chevrolet 12% (Or 25%?)
ChevronTexaco - 20%
Chevron Credit Card? 25%
CircuitCity 12 or 18%
Cisco Systems 9%
CitiGroup 25%
Citrus Valley Health Partners 25%
Costco 10%
Discover Card 12%
Electronic Data Systems (EDS) 25%
Ernst and Young 15%
Ferguson Enterprises 15%
Ford 25% (Or 23%?)
Freight Liner Corporation 12%
General Electric (GE) 25%
Hewlett Packard 20%
Hospitals (also see VA below)? 25%
H&R Block 10%
IBM 25%
Johns Hopkins University students and staff 15%
K-Mart 15%
KPMG 12%
Lane Bryant 8%
Law Enforcement 25%
Lockheed 8%
Lowe's 9%
Lucent Technologies 23%
Merrill Lynch 20%
Metro 1 15%
Motorola 25%
Northwest Airlines 25%
Northwestern Mutual 13%
OfficeMax 13%
Oracle 10%
Raymond James Financial 11%
Raytheon 20%
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) 10%
Sears 25%
Sherwin Williams 18%
Southwest Airlines 15%
State Farm Insurance 22.5%
Sun Microsystems 20%
SunTrust 18%
Target 15%
Time Warner 24%
Tricon Global(Yum Foods) 11%
United Airlines 25%
United Parcel Service (UPS) 25%
University of Missouri 13%
VA Medical Center 25%
Verizon 25%
Walgreens 8%
Wyndham International 15%
Xerox 15%

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