Monday, July 18, 2005

I'm a money extrovert

Ever since I started this blog I get comments from people who think its a great idea but say that they could never do it because they wouldn't want people to know their financial situation. I know that sharing one's personal life isn't for everyone but I think it is the most bizarre thing ever that people hide their financial lives in the closet like its a big bad secret that no one should know about. I must have missed that day of social indoctrination school when you have it ingrained in your head that money is a no-no subject. I don't go around talking about money all the time or telling everybody I meet how much money I make or how much debt I am in but I'm sure if they asked I wouldn't mind telling them.

I was reading an interesting article here about the way that most Americans lie about money and debt. They say that 75% of people claim that they don't make any major purchases with their credit cards but 74% say they are worried about not being able to pay their credit card bills every month. What is even more bizarre is that 58% of the people surveyed said they actually paid their credit cards off of every month while in reality that number is closer to 40% and that we believe that only 3% of other people pay off their credit cards. So basically everyone is living in denial and thinks everyone else is the problem, except me of course, ;)

My thinking is that at least if I talk about it maybe someone else won't make the same mistake I made. Everyone makes mistakes but its all in how you learn from the mistakes that will keep you growing in the right direction. At the risk of sounding totally cheesy, you're net worth is more than what you have in the bank account or on your credit card, its who you are and what you do with your life.

On another note, I was reminded of how insignificant all these little money problems are. I went camping at Catalina Island (camping is a cheap alternative to a vacation!) and saw the most amazing sunset. Check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for being honest about finances. I found your blog from the iVillage debt support message board, and love your blunt, up-front attitude about it. My husband and I are also working to get out of debt.


kmac said...

Wow - gorgeous picture! That's just amazing - off the coast of CA, right? Maybe I'll get there someday... :)

I love how up front you are about your finances - it's good to see that you're willing to take responsibility and take the bull by the horns to get rid of it. It's very empowering, and makes me want to do the same. :)

I know you posted a little on message boards - we're trying to get things back together, so come back! lol

Have a great week -

Leanne said...

I am the same way, around certain people I am very comfortable talking about my financial situation. I have some friends who would probably just wish I would shut up about it too! But after having paid off more than $17,000 so far, I am pretty excited and sometimes can't contain it. :) I think you are doing an awesome job on paying off your debt, thanks for sharing!

Tammy G said...

It's so true. At the end of the day when the bills are put away what is truly important I just truly cannot put a price on. Being in debt is only temporary, my family is forever.

Karen said...

Good post :)

fellow blogger said...

I, too, found your blog on the iVillage debt support board. Even so, if we are not honest about our debt, you are and you ARE an inspiration.

Cap said...

I almost puked on the boat ride on the way to catalina island.

nice sunset though :)

J Adam Metcalf said...

I read a study somewhere that said that in the US, money is a more taboo subject than sex. I always thought that was odd... of course, I am a recruiter, so I deal with people's money all day long every day.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I stumbled upon it from the 43 things site... My family is in the same boat with debt, we have a 5 and a half year plan to pay it off. It's frustrating because I only get paid once a month so I don't get to see it go down very often. My husband is unemployed (main reason we got so much debt) and I have two kids in college and I'm a teacher. Your blog helps inspire me, keep it up. You are learning a valuable lesson while you are still young.