Friday, July 22, 2005

Today was a good day

Fridays in general are just good days but today was especially nice. Not only was it Friday Payday (woohoo) but ING Direct announced that they have raised their interest rates (double woohoo). ING Direct now pays 3.15% APY, up from 3%! My paycheck this period reflected my new raise and my bonus so I am celebrating by making a $600 payment to my monstrous credit card. The debt is down to the 16k's. I love reaching those benchmarks but then again everything is a benchmark in my book (the 18ks, the 17ks, etc).

I really should pay more than $100 extra than I normally do. I am tempted to go shopping and buy lots of new clothes. ::sigh:: I was coerced into going to the mall with my coworker yesterday and saw some really cute things at Banana Republic. I don't think anyone should be allowed to go to the mall on their lunch hour because you end up finding ways of spending your money before you actually make it. I'll try to resist the urge and be a good girl.

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Pappy said...

You can always go shopping, but just return the stuff the next day! I know people that will buy an outfit, wear it once, and return it for a full refund.

Mackin with Pappy

lpkitten said...

pappy - you remind me of something i wanted to mention! the whole reason we went to banana republic was because my coworker had bought some things that went on sale after she bought them. she took her receipt back to the store and asked them to credit her the difference...and they did, no questions asked. i gues their store policy is that if it goes on sale 14 days after you purchase it they will credit you the difference. same thing at the GAP. i always thought you were just SOL. good to know.

kmac said...

There are a lot of places that will do that - even Kmart and Target. :) That's cool!

Thanks for helping me with setting up my blog - I decided to change templates...and then found out we were using the same one! lol

That's awesome that you were able to make such a big payment - and that you were able to resist spending more. I'm still working on that myself. :)