Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Strangest Money Saving Tips

There are tons and tons of websites dedicated to helping you save your money. I've learned quite a lot from these websites but I am sometimes baffled by the hard core money saving ideas that people have come up with. Some of them just make me laugh so I decided I would post some of them here.

1) Flea Control

Plug a night-light into an outlet and place a bowl under it that is filled with water and just a touch of dish detergent. The fleas will jump at the light and get stuck in the water. (The dish detergent prevents them from jumping back out.) It was less than a week and our (1700 sq ft) house was clear of fleas.

Call me crazy but I just have a bad feeling about putting a bowl of water near an electrical outlet.

2) Keeping bacon, deli meats, lettuce etc fresher longer!

Don't toss those cereal bags from inside your cereal boxes! They're treated with a preserving agent (kept your cereals fresh, right?) and if you remove bacon from its original wrapper, rinse it all and place it into a cereal bag...voila! No gungy, goopy bacon, ever! The same with deli meats, lettuce, anything you want to keep fresher longer!

You want me to put my bacon...where?

3) Vinegar for your hair.

Used as a hair rinse, vinegar neutralizes the alkali left by shampoos.

And it leaves your hair with a nice vinegary aroma, mmmmm.

4) Car Tip

To prevent corrosion on your battery posts, apply some vaseline to them. Make sure that your car engine is cold before attempting this.

Because if it's still hot you'll probably have some medical bills to pay.

5) Use of the last bit of a bar of soap by putting it into an old sock and tying the end and using it to bathe.

I just wouldn't feel clean rubbing myself with an old sock.

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Karen said...

Funny stuff! I think that is the extreme side of frugalness (is that a word? lol). I have heard that using beer attracts fleas too - my sister's dog had fleas and my mom told her to leave little bowls of beer around the house. Go figure, it worked.

Patsy Darling said...

Oh my god who's list is that. Way too weird. What a waste of beer leaving it in bowls around the house. I might get thirsty and drink it then what will the fleas have.

Teri said...

the vinegar thing actually works. But: just as good without the smell is lemon juice. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly so you don't accidentally lighten your hair several shades when you go outside.
I have curly hair and one of the prevailing ideas is not to use shampoo at all (dries out already dry curls) but to use lemon juice once a week or so. it works. I promise. as for the soap in a sock thing--uh, no.

Kurt said...

I've done the vaseline thing (on my battery). Now they sell a little pair of felt donuts that do the same thing. You put them on (the battery) before attaching the cables and they cancel out the battery acid.

Monty Loree said...

Here's my question:
People in the 1700's had very little money... what did the do to save money.

They didn't really have much to spend and they had to wash their hair, visit with people etc. :)

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Chris said...

I just don't understand what you have against old socks...

Madame X said...

Thank you for my best laugh of the day.