Saturday, April 12, 2008

$25 Bonus for signing up with Revolution Money Exchange

Ever heard of Revolution Money Exchange? Ya, neither had I until today.

Apparently, they're trying to compete with Paypal in the money exchange business. To get the word out, they're offering a $25 sign up bonus for new customers.

I checked out their website and they look pretty legit. Their accounts are FDIC insured and there are no fees for sending or receiving money. This would make it super easy to pay a friend back, pay your portion of the rent to your roommate, or pay on Ebay, of course.

The sign up only took about 2 minutes and voila, there was the $25 credit in my account. Plus, as an added bonus they're giving $10 for each person you refer.

If you sign up using the graphic below, you'll receive the $25 sign up bonus and I'll receive the $10 referral bonus. Nice! But don't delay because the offer ends April 15th.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

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Herr Lucifer - The Fallen Angel said...

you have a pretty face, pretty blog and an amazing stumble page! I have added you as a friend there! :D

Anonymous said...

I signed up....make sure you get the credit!

lpkitten said...

hooray! thanks!

Beany said...

You might be interested in what chief family office had to say about Revolution Money Exchange.

ace said...

I never had a problem with RME yet. You can use RME with the Abundant Living System providing the inviter accepts RME. I love RME despite the 2500 monthly limit. It's not a bad thing to actually have a limit in place, as I have heard horror stories from those who had been fxxked from using paypal and how some people had thousands of dollars stolen from paypal via false complaints from buyers on sites like ebay and such.

Adi said...

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