Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why you need an ING Direct account

ING Direct is one of the best high-yield savings accounts out there. I've been a customer with them for years, and have never had a problem with them unlike other banks. Why do I like them so much?

  • They pay a competitive 2.96% APY.
  • There are no minimums and no fees.
  • They link to your current checking account for easy transfers, BUT money is not instantly available (it takes about 2-3 days to transfer to checking) so I'm not tempted to spend it.
  • They offer automatic savings plans.
  • Their referral plans allow you to earn extra cash for your savings goals.
  • They have great customer service. They're always helpful and knowledgeable (unlike some places).
  • Their website is easy to use.
Really, I can't say anything bad about them, except for the fact that they used to have better rates, which is not necessarily their fault. The days of 5% savings accounts are dead for now so I'll take my 3% and run.

So, if you're still stuck with a low yield savings account, consider signing up with ING Direct using one of the links below. They'll give you $25 just for signing up with an initial deposit of $250, and I'll earn $10 for the referral. Then you can start referring all your friends and earning even more money for your savings goals.

Orange Savings Account Links - Earn 3% with no minimums (remember you must start with $250 to earn $25)

ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus

Electric Orange Savings Account Links - Earn up to 3.4% with more than $100,000

ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus

Don't think you have the money to start on your savings goals? Here are some quick and easy ways to save money fast and get you on your way.

1. Compare auto insurance rates online.
2. Use the library for books, DVDs, CDs, and magazines. Then, sell your old stuff on
3. Pack your lunch. Need some inspiration? This is an amazing site with creative, kooky lunchbox ideas.
4. Stop eating fast food. Period.
5. Sign up for a good cash back credit card and earn money for all of your purchases (but don't carry a balance).
6. Buy all your produce at the local farmers market. I end up paying nearly half for my fruits and veggies than I would at the grocery store.
7. Find a carpool buddy.
8. When eating out, share an entree with a friend. When drinking out, stick with beer or wine instead of fancy (and expensive) cocktails.
9. Drive at a slow and steady speed to increase fuel efficiency.
10. Use Freecycle to find items you need for FREE.

Following these tips, you'll easily save $250 in no time. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments and share your experiences with ING Direct.

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Bailey said...

I agree, ING is awesome. I have had an account for 4 years now.

That being said, with the APY so crappy now, I moved most of my money into stocks.

budgets are sexy said...

you know, ING seems like the rock star bank for all PF bloggers. if i weren't so loyal to USAA i'd probably have switched already!

thx for all the info though, it's def. on my "list of maybes" to do :)

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and love all your great information. I worked at a dental office for 11 years and I told everyone who had a root canal to not eat popcorn, chew on ice or hard candy until they had their permanent crown cemented. I hope everything goes great with your tooth. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge - it's truly a gift to us all!
Kathryn in Topeka