Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to make $130 in 30 minutes

I love free money, don't you? Here's a way to make $125+ in 30 minutes by signing up for a few financial services that will help you jump-start your savings.

1. Earn $25 by signing up for Revolution Money Exchange. It's a Paypal-like service that allows you to send money via the internet. I signed up a couple of weeks ago and have already earned $65 for the sign-up, plus referrals ($10 each) and have transferred the money into my bank account with no problems.

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

2. Earn $25 by signing up for an ING Direct savings account. ING Direct has been my savings bank for years now and I love them. If you don't already have a high-yield savings account, you need one. Earn $25 just by signing up and making an initial deposit of $250.

Orange Savings Account Links - Earn 3% with no minimums (remember you must start with $250 to earn $25)

ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus

Electric Orange Savings Account Links - Earn up to 3.4% with more than $100,000

ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus
ING Direct $25 Savings Account Opening Bonus

3. Earn $25 for becoming a lender at Prosper and funding your first loan. I just started funding loans and I must say it's addicting. I picked loans that were pretty conservative and I'll be earning about 11% on my investment. Not bad!

Business & Personal Loans. Great Rates. Prosper.

4. Earn $25-55 for signing up for Sharebuilder and purchasing a stock or ETF. I've been interested in investing in some "green" companies for a while and last night started doing some research. I had already signed up for a Sharebuilder account years ago but haven't used it lately. I did some research and found some great promotions that allow you to open a new account (even if you already have an account) and earn $25-55. Sharebuilder charges $4 for each automatic investment if you have a basic account (no monthly charges). I'll be using the $55 sign-up bonus to jump start my investment portfolio. Nice!

If you have a Costco account, you will receive a $55 sign-up bonus. If not,,you can still get a $25 bonus.

Click here to sign up for Sharebuilder and start your investment portfolio.

So, now you've just earned over $100 and have a few accounts to start diversifying your savings. Not bad for just about 30 minutes!

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budgets are sexy said...

All on one nice page, i love it! If i didn't have an issue with having accounts all over the place, i'd totally hit these up :)

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